You'll be surprised how easy and effective this system is...
This Book Is A Step-By-Step Guide To Building An Online New Patient Generating Machine
Blogging is one of the best ways today to get your message out to your community and with the blueprint I reveal in this book you can actually turns your blogs into a new patient generator.
develop facebook ads that actually work
By understanding the fundamentals for creating Facebook advertisements you will be equipped to keep up-to-date with this ever changing environment. Included are examples to help you get started right away.
harness the intent-based traffic of google ads
Whereas Facebook advertising is "interuptive" like a TV advertisement, Google Ads allow you to position yourself in front of the other online audience... those searching with intent.
nurture your audience with email marketing campaigns
Good old email.  We're all waking up checking our inbox and sometimes doing so before bed too.  A solid strategy that will place the right message at the right time to the inbox of prospective patients can multiply your results online.
become the authority for your profession online
A lack of trust will prevent potential patients from making that first step.
Building credibility in your community takes time and this is one of the most important aspects of passively generating new patients in your office.  This book details how to overcome this barrier.
optimize your spending by analyzing stats
STATISTICS!!! That can be a scary word for some but if you're willing to learn a few simple key metrics and how to apply them then it could save you thousands of dollars.  This book explains the key metrics to watch out for to optimize your spending.
from the author...
" Have you ever felt stuck in practice, had little success with marketing or felt limited in the numbers of new patients you’re seeing each month? Or maybe you're looking to grow to the next level and would like to serve more in your community?  I have experienced the former. For years. Until out of necessity I decided to put my years of experience in computer programming and web development to WORK FOR ME in my practice and then BAM…  I unlocked a mystery and developed a digital marketing system that has now dramatically grown healthcare practices worldwide.  I have consulted and managed over $2,000,000 in advertising budgets for health professionals over the last few years and now I would like to share the FULL system with you in my book."
- Dr. Colin Swala
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